Kuber Group Africa is registered under the laws of Ghana and since then, it has gained much and better experiences in the conduct of diverse businesses in the African business environment.

We at Kuber Group provide a platform to world-leading corporate, business houses, and entrepreneurs enabling them to do business in the growing economies of Africa. Our diverse verticals of Infrastructure, Real Estate, and Construction & Power have been incorporated with an aim to help the clients making foot-prints for exponential growth. Teams of highly motivated and skilled professionals with vast related experience are employed.


Building sustainable infrastructural growth across Africa.


Strategically creating business synergies in diverse industries with a key focus on sustainable growth that delivers environmental and social values Pan-Africa


Kuber Group’ footprints Pan- Africa is evident of our mission to partner the continent with a focus on building sustainable businesses. With Ghana being the headquarters, we have expanded and established in the following countries: Ghana, India, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Niger, Sierra Leone, Portugal, USA and UK.

Kuber Group Africa Subsidiary Companies.