Kuber Group Africa’ Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Policy

Kuber Group Africa understands and is implementing the ESG standards across its businesses. This policy direction; the Group believes will ensure sustainable business ventures for the full benefit of investors, employees and the society at large.

Our Environmental Outlook

All projects undergo environmental impact assessment and the necessary approvals are given before work starts. Kuber Group believes that carbon emission and all other harmful impacts on our environment should be reduced drastically. This is also evident in our approach to land preparations for construction projects where we try to protect and conserve as much as possible available environmental natural resources.

Our Social Outlook

The group at all times ensures that working environments are safe and the necessary measures are in place. An equal opportunity is also given to all for the composition of our workforce at any given time and considering human rights standards.

Our Governance Outlook

There is a strong corporate governance structure and culture in place to ensure proper stakeholder engagement, the balance of power, and respect for all.